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About Us

Azhar Yong & Co. was established in 1997 to provide high-quality legal services to individuals and corporate entities in Malaysia.
People and integrity are the chords that bind our firm together and provide synergy for the firm’s progress.Through the years, the firm has grown to serve a wide range of domestic and international clients.
Our success depends above all on our vision, integrity, professionalism and dedication to protecting our client’s interests.
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the most practical and effective solutions to our clients in the shipping and maritime industry as well as to corporations as our team is knowledgeable in all legal, technical and corporate aspects of the industry.

Marine & Shipping Law

Our team includes a Master Mariner with 32 years of experience in the shipping industry and 20 years of experience as a practising lawyer, specialising in Shipping and Admiralty law as well as Marine Insurance.

Corporate Law

Our partners, associates and counsels are practitioners of vast experience in the areas of Corporate Law.